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In February 2017 Belka VR presented its proof of concept at the ICE Total Gaming expo to rave reviews from industry leaders.

belka vr london


G2E Asia expo saw the launch of our first product Art of the Heist 3D.

Visitors enjoyed 5x3, 21-line VR Slot, which showed them how to rob the museum, where the world masterpieces are hidden.

belka vr macau


Visit our stand Booth 1820 at G2E to experience first hand fascinating Art of the Heist 3D as well as a world premier of our new game Dracula’s family in 3D.

belka vr


Belka VR is an innovative company which pioneers new technology in bringing gaming experience into the 21st century. Through our unique platform you will be able to transform your 2d games into the incredible Virtual Reality world. With over 10 years of experience and dozens of original games, Belka VR had recently expanded into new frontiers of Virtual Reality gaming.

Belka VR specializes in:

Conversion of 2d games into 3d

Enhancing game play by including skill based games during bonus rounds

Providing casinos with platform which enables players to participate in real time action without leaving their home. This is particularly important to attract millennials!